Having a car in the modern world is more a requirement than just a whimsey, but it sounds like having one more baby as it needs lots of attention, care and responsibility. Not only the costly repairs but also the time you spend in garages, bills for auto parts and inconvenient breakdowns can beat you. Regular maintenance can help you avoid all the dangerous effects of wearing down your car parts.

Being a reliable car owner means following the car service schedule. Not only is it prescribed by auto dealer marketers to get you back many times, but also for your confidence and safety, as long as the better you service your auto, the fewer troubles and inconvenient breakdowns it will bring you.

Key plan to pursue

When it is time for scheduled car service, most mechanics admit that:

  1. The change of oil and oil filters is crucial. Do not believe anyone who tells you that you can wait for 15k km before the next oil change. Please, no. It should be done every 5k-7k km depending on the engine of your car.  In case you do not drive your vehicle for a long period, change the oil and the oil filters after three months.
  2. Change the timing belt every 100k km or every 4-5 years. Some mighty models might have a chain instead of the belt, but it does not mean that you do not have to check up on it regularly.
  3. Have your tire pressure checked monthly and adjust it accordingly to the weather and road conditions. The good news is that it is something you can do yourself.
  4. Get the automatic transmission fluid and filters changed systematically, do not go over 100k km without changing it at least once.
  5. For the manual transmission fluid change schedule your next car service appointment at least every 50k km.
  6. Do not ignore the tune-ups which are to protect your spark plugs, belts and hoses. According to the make and the model of your car, there are different intervals when you should get it done, but in general, it is every 60k–80k km for spark plugs and every 80k–100k km for the belts and hoses.
  7. Depending on your region, the air and the fuel filters change is recommended every 6-12 months.
  8. Should you add a fuel system additive or cleaner, do it every 5k-7k km for the best engine performance
  9. Get your tire rotation and brake inspection every 7k km. Even if you are an immaculate driver, be sure that both are perfectly maintained as they are your main point of contact with the road.
  10. Has the brake fluid flushed every two years? Remember, the brake system is the one to save your life.
  11. Depending on the age of your vehicle, check the cooling system for leaks, corrosion or oxidation concerns every three years or every 50k km.
  12. And finally - the power steering system flush is recommended to be done at least every 50k km.

What if you do not want to keep it in mind all the time?

And what if you are too busy to get distracted with all the checkpoints on this list?

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