We know that car maintenance isn’t second nature to most of us, so if you’re looking for easy tips to help keep your car in top shape this summer, look no further!

1. Summer road trip: How to make sure your car is road-trip ready

Is your vehicle ready for the long road ahead? Don’t know where to start? That’s ok, we’ve got you covered! In the video, Billy tells you how you can make sure your car is road-trip-ready in less than 90 seconds!

2. How to check your car's engine oil

Need to check your car’s engine oil but don’t know how? Billy the mechanic comes to the rescue! Watch the video to see how it’s done.

3. How to clean foggy headlights + Testing toothpaste?

Billy shows you how to clean your foggy headlights by testing toothpaste as a potential cleaning hack. Does it work? Watch to find out!

4. How to replace windshield wipers on your car?

Always going to the garage to get your wipers changed? In this clip, Billy explains step by step how you can do it yourself. Easy peasy!

5. How to check your car’s tire pressure?

In this video Billy the mechanic shows you how to:

  • Check your tire pressure
  • Use a tire pressure gauge
  • Use a tire depth gauge
  • Find the recommended tire pressure for your car

These quick and easy expert mechanic tips help you accomplish all of the above in minutes!

Need more tips or have a specific question you want to ask an expert mechanic? You can book a visit in just a few clicks right here.

Enjoy your summer!