In the latest Ask a Mechanic segment, Billy is asked what the top 4 most common car repairs tend to be and why!

Our Ask a Mechanic segment is filmed with Billy Thomas. Billy has worked in the automotive industry for over 28 years and certainly knows the ins and outs of the industry!

When it comes to car repairs, we can all agree they often feel like they happen at the most inopportune of times—suddenly your car is making a noise you haven’t heard before or you’re getting a lot more check engine lights than you used to!

While several of the occurrences described by Billy in the video above feel like random events, many factors contribute lead to those repairs. With Vehicle Mind, you too can learn how you can steer clear of these costly surprises and keep your car in tip top shape.

Journalist Joseph Czikk covered these Vehicle Mind features in a recent piece:

“The app’s digital maintenance tools let drivers know what maintenance has been done to the car in the past and what maintenance is upcoming. It will also give drivers a set of scores that can help them better understand their own driving habits or environmental factors like too many potholes on their usual route. “It’s anything that will have an impact on your car’s health, that in the long run will lead to problems that normally we perceive as coming out of the blue. This changes the game,” said Cialdella.”

Learn more about how Vehicle Mind can help here.