COVID-19 has brought on a rise in car theft: here's how you can keep an eye on your car’s safety around the clock

As our daily lives continue to change during the global pandemic, so have our driving habits.  The rise of remote working means that many of us don’t have to rush out the door and drive our vehicles to work first thing in the morning. Even on the weekends, outings and socializing have taken a back seat to home activities due to imposed government restrictions. Vehicles are therefore left unattended for longer periods of time and are at a greater risk of being stolen.

Here’s an overview of an alarming trend and how Vehicle Mind can help you track your car’s whereabouts and safety status in a way that current GPS trackers and car security systems don’t.

The global pandemic: a 'perfect storm' for car break-ins

COVID-19 has by no means spared car owners. According to the Associated Press News, theft has risen 63% in major cities like New York since the pandemic began.  With many in isolation or working remotely, add to that the decrease in vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and you’re looking at the ideal opportunity for thieves to scout and steal vehicles. According to the article, another key factor in what is described as ‘a perfect storm’ for car theft, drivers are not bothering to check on their vehicles regularly.

Your car’s status at a glance: adding a new layer of awareness for vehicle owners

Traditional automobile security systems, while a common tool for protecting your car and warding off break-ins, don’t offer any insight into your car’s status and safety conveniently through your smartphone. We have identified some significant blind spots.

  • If your vehicle is parked far away or out of range to hear the alarm go off: you will never know the car is being tampered with or driven without your authorization until you physically return to the vehicle. In a recent news story, a healthcare worker, victim of car theft, explains she did not realize her vehicle had been stolen until Monday morning right before she was scheduled to drive to work.

  • Towing is another common situation in which your car can be moved without your knowledge: Returning to your parking spot to find an empty space after snow removal or if parked in an illegal spot causes panic and is, perhaps needless to say, a major time-waster and inconvenience. Again you have you have no way of knowing this is occurring unless you are physically there.

  • You car can get bumped into or damaged in your absence: Once away from your car, a GPS tracker or alarm system can do little to notify you if your car's safety is being compromised. If your car's been damaged or bumped into, neither provide any real-time insights or notifications until you return to your car.

How real-time safety alerts make a difference

Powered by the Vehicle Mind Hub, a device featuring a GPS, multi-axis sensors that detect any unusual or unauthorized movement, and a built-in 4G/LTE cellular connection, Vehicle Mind offers real-time alerts notifying you on the location and safety of your car. The Hub plugs into your car’s diagnostic port (every car built after 1996 has one), and you can consult the iOS or Android app for support. It goes beyond conventional vehicle or GPS tracker functions, allowing you to react in real-time and take control of the situation.

Here's a breakdown of the Vehicle Mind car location and tracking features:

  • Impact detection and towing – Receive real-time alerts for any suspicious events such as collisions, towing, potential theft, other suspicious activities. Motion alerts are triggered whenever any abnormal activity is detected while the car’s engine is off, including minor bumps common in parking lots.

  • Find my car – Whether you want to keep tabs on your car’s location or simply forgot where you parked your car, the vehicle-tracking system will allow you to pinpoint its exact location in real-time.

  • Geofencing – Set up virtual perimeters with the Vehicle Mind app to receive alerts when your car enters or exits the geofenced zones. A useful feature when a vehicle is shared between several drivers. The alerts are also an efficient way to keep tabs on your teens or inexperienced drivers behind the wheel.

  • Contacts to notify – Select additional contacts to receive SMS notifications via text message when your car leaves or enters the virtual perimeters set up by you.  An ideal feature for car sharing, monitoring your newly-licensed teen driver and making sure your car is not being driven without your authorization.

Safety and awareness around the clock

Vehicle-tracking GPS is not new, but technology has evolved.  Vehicle Mind goes beyond basic tracking services to add a new layer of protection for your car through a combination of sensors, software, and alerts efficiently delivered through real-time app notifications. Vehicle Mind has you covered on and off the road with safety and awareness 24x7.

Discover the additional ways Vehicle Mind can help make you smarter about your car here.