At Vehicle Mind, we love talking to drivers and discussing how Vehicle Mind can reduce stress during their next auto repair appointment or using their car in general. Let’s face it: drivers have much to be anxious about these days, but their car doesn’t need to be one of them.

The good news is that as lockdown measures evolve and driving and maintenance habits change as a result, Vehicle Mind’s features remain helpful and relevant, whether the ways in which you use your car fluctuate or remain the same.

Here are 5 reasons why having access to your car’s health and safety status from your smartphone may be more crucial than ever:

1. Car maintenance remains important, even if you’re driving less

You still need to maintain your car even if you barely use it. In fact, leaving your car in the garage for extended periods of time is likely to have a negative impact on your car’s engine and battery. Relying on Vehicle Mind’s dashboard and alerts not only helps you keep an eye on your car’s status from a distance, but also gives you an overview of your car’s upcoming maintenance needs.

2. The risk of car theft has increased

The risk of car theft has increased exponentially in many North American cities — up to 63% in major cities like New York. As such, drivers need to be able to keep an eye on their car more than ever. Thankfully, Vehicle Mind offers safety alerts that monitor any impact or unauthorized movement while a car is unoccupied in ways that current GPS trackers and car security systems don’t. It even offers towing alerts!

3. Most can’t afford costly surprises right now

Maintaining a car can also be expensive, and in today’s economic climate, many of us may only be one car breakdown away from financial strain. Drivers should have access to their own car’s data and health to better steer clear of costly surprises. Do you usually fear your car’s check engine light? Vehicle Mind tells you exactly what’s wrong with your car so you know so you can make informed decisions. (Not to mention Vehicle Mind helps you improve fuel efficiency and therefore save money with its Eco score).

4. The purchase of used cars has risen

With more people buying used cars and choosing car ownership over public transport to keep COVID-19 infection risks at bay, getting insights that help them extend their car’s lifespan are necessary. Vehicle Mind’s personalized driver and maintenance scores tell you everything you need to know to keep your used car in excellent condition.

5. More and more people are relying on their car to make a living

There has been an increase in people relying on their car to make a living: postings in Indeed's driving category, which includes trucking and other delivery driving jobs, are up 11.1% compared with the beginning of February. For anyone who needs to keep track of their mileage and expenses, Vehicle Mind automatically logs trips so users can categorize them as personal or business trips. What’s more, you can set a reimbursement value for business-related trips and easily export your reports to get reimbursed faster. No more manual logging, no more spreadsheets!

From maintenance reminders to engine diagnostics, Vehicle Mind’s unique combination of features were designed to help bring drivers peace of mind during the pandemic and beyond. Discover what else Vehicle Mind can do for you here.