We love our cars; they help give us a sense of freedom and independence, but they can bring on many unpredictable issues causing what we came to describe as “car-ownership anxiety.”  

In this series, we break down 3 key factors that contribute to car-ownership stress and how Vehicle Mind works to eliminate them for drivers like you. Here is the second.

Stress factor 2: Unpredictable events such as theft and towing

Car-owner anxiety isn’t just limited to diagnostics. You park your vehicle in a parking lot assuming it would be safe, only to return and realize someone has rammed into the side of your car or worse, you realize it has been stolen or towed the morning you’re set to head out to work.

Get notified the moment your car’s safety status is compromised

Whether at the office, having dinner or enjoying a quiet evening at home, you can rely on real-time GPS location services to know where your car is around the clock. Vehicle Mind also:

  • Notifies you whenever any abnormal activity (such as towing) is detected while the car’s engine is off.
  • Lets you set up virtual perimeters to receive alerts when your car enters or exits a ”geofenced” zone set up by you.

Sharing a car with teenagers? Give them some space behind the wheel while feeling reassured that you can locate them through Vehicle Mind's location features and safety alerts.

Experience your car in a completely new way with Vehicle Mind

Vehicle Mind was designed to have your back and every turn in the road. We are proud to be making a difference in every driver’s life by keeping you informed, empowered, and in control, at all times. Owning a car should not be stressful but rather an enjoyable convenience!

You can count on Vehicle Mind to keep you in control of your car’s maintenance and safety.

It’s time to take charge.

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