In this series, we break down 3 key stress factors that contribute to car-ownership anxiety and how Vehicle Mind works to eliminate them. Here is the third.

Stress Factor 3: Unpredictable and emergency repairs When it comes to repairs, most of us can agree they feel like they can happen at any moment—suddenly your car is making a noise you haven’t heard before or you’ve experienced a breakdown right before a crucial meeting. A recent study quotes:

  • Two in five drivers feel it’s only a matter of time before their vehicle breaks down.
  • Of the 2,000 car owners surveyed, over 62% of them had experienced an unexpected breakdown.

How Vehicle Mind puts you in control of your car’s maintenance

Vehicle Mind not only continuously monitors your car's health, it offers proactive personalized recommendations that explain what may impact your car's maintenance needs, therefore helping you minimize unexpected maintenance surprises. Here's how:

  • Get key alerts such as engine issues and battery status.
  • Receive maintenance reminders before your car is due for a checkup.
  • Unlock insights with 3 unique scores – Eco, Driver and Car Health.
  • The scores help you extend the life of your car as well improve fuel economy and driving habits.
  • Need additional advice? Get access to certified mechanic and service hotline at the click of a button.

Experience car-ownership in a completely new way with Vehicle Mind

Vehicle Mind was designed to have your back at every turn in the road. We are proud to be making a difference by keeping vehicle owners informed, empowered, and in control, at all times. Owning a car should not be stressful but rather an enjoyable convenience!

It’s time to take charge. Discover Vehicle Mind here.

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