This past year, we, the Vehicle Mind team, have been revving up for our launch to help drivers like you experience their car in a whole new way. Here are 4 things you can't miss!

1. Watch our first launch video

Heard of us and wondered what the Vehicle Mind experience is actually like? Here’s your chance to watch Vehicle Mind in action! Shot locally over the span of a few days, our launch video explains how Vehicle Mind's leading technology fits easily into your car and seamlessly into your life.  

What's it like to use Vehicle Mind? Take a look! 

2. Check out our first reviews

#DYK? The month of August was marked by the launch of our website, online store, and social media presence. We've since been overjoyed by the positive feedback we’ve received from users as Vehicle Mind helped them save time, money, and keep it together whenever they encountered car issues of many kinds!

You can read the latest Vehicle Mind reviews here.

Owning a car isn't easy but our reviews make it clear Vehicle Mind will have your back no matter what!

3. Read our launch announcement

When asked to share his thoughts on the launch and how he hoped Vehicle Mind would make a difference in driver’s lives, Abhay Ghatpande, Co-Founder said:

"Vehicle owners want to stay ahead of unexpected occurrences more than ever. Whether a car is being driven or sitting in the driveway, it needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and prevent accidents. People neglect maintenance due to a lack of time, money, the fear of exploitation, and now with the pandemic, understandably so. We are making car maintenance easy, convenient, and transparent with features that simplify Canadian drivers' automotive lives during the pandemic and well beyond."

To know more or if you’re a journalist interested in covering Vehicle Mind’s mission and launch, you can find our press release and contact information here.

4. We're active on your favourite social channels

Whether you recently subscribed to Vehicle Mind or are hoping to do so in the near future, our newsletter, social content and news section are here to help you discover all of the amazing things Vehicle Mind can do for you. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to Vehicle Mind today to benefit from our special launch price and get 50% of your monthly subscription!

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See you behind the wheel!