MONTREAL, QUEBEC - (June 21, 2021) - Montreal automotive tech startup, Vehicle Mind, has partnered with Planetair, a non-profit leader in the fight against climate change, to introduce a new vehicle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions tracking and offset feature to its offering. Available June 21, this new feature will allow Vehicle Mind users to offset their vehicle CO2 emissions by contributing to Planetair’s Gold Standard reforestation projects. The Gold Standard is widely recognized to be the highest global benchmark for carbon offsets.


In 2017, Canada ranked one the worst in terms of average vehicle fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions per kilometre driven[1]. In 2019, The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a study on energy efficiency in the transportation sector[2]. The findings revealed that although new vehicles are more efficient, the increasing number of light vehicles and light trucks combined on Canada’s roads have led to a 33 percent increase in pollution. Vehicle Mind’s new CO2 emissions feature comes at a pivotal time to help support Canadian drivers and federal government sustainability efforts to fully implement new emission standards by 2025[3].


The Vehicle Mind Hub estimates a vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, helping Canadian drivers understand their carbon footprint. The CO2 emissions monitoring feature is the third major car maintenance-related innovation from the company, which launched its eponymous Vehicle Mind Hub in November 2020, and the online booking platform in March 2021. The Hub is a 4G/LTE device that continuously monitors a car’s diagnostic system to identify issues and inform users, putting them in control of its maintenance and safety. Through the Hub and VM app, the new feature will estimate a vehicle’s CO2 emissions and give Vehicle Mind users the option to offset those emissions by purchasing carbon credits for Gold Standard nature reforestation projects.


This innovative collaboration between Vehicle Mind and Planetair hopes to spark awareness in Canadian drivers while empowering them to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and lead the next generation by example. “We are excited to partner with Vehicle Mind to help bring more climate change awareness to drivers in Canada. We fully support Vehicle Mind’s initiative for drivers to be able to easily offset carbon emissions every day,” said Karine Oscarson, Director of Communications at Planetair.

“We evaluated several carbon offsets providers and chose Planetair due to their high ranking with independent resources such as the David Suzuki Foundation. Planetair was a clear choice because of their not-for-profit organization and dedication to Gold Standard projects,” said Vehicle Mind VP of Alliances & Business Development, Kjell Kolstad.


Based in Montreal, the Vehicle Mind team is composed of passionate hardware and software engineers and technologists with deep expertise in IoT, Al, machine learning, and automation. They believe in empowering car owners by making car maintenance not just easier but also dramatically more accessible, while leading the digital transformation of independent garages, and giving them the tools to meet the expectations of digital-first consumers. Vehicle Mind has recently launched a new digital platform called, the second innovation from the company, which launched its eponymous Vehicle Mind Hub in November 2020.


[1] Some countries rely more heavily on diesel than gasoline, which is reflected in rankings for fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

[2] In its Climate change adaptation plans and actions, the Government of Canada is committed to protecting 25% of its land and 25% of its oceans by 2025, using nature-based solutions to fight climate change, and reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

[3] In its Global Fuel Economy Initiative, the IEA publishes data on average fuel economy by country. The data covers countries included in the Global Fuel Economy Initiative and for which data was available for at least 50% of total vehicle registrations.