We love our cars; they help give us a sense of freedom and independence but they can bring about a lot of unpredictable issues, inconveniences, and anxiety. That multiplies exponentially if you do not know much about cars. When creating and developing Vehicle Mind, we came to coin what we call “Car-ownership anxiety.” In fact, the impetus behind Vehicle Mind itself was our own frustrations with the lack of control and transparency with something we used on an almost daily basis and the resulting stresses that generated for us and our loved ones.

We were convinced there had to be a better way to manage car-ownership.    

In this series, we break down 3 key stress factors that contribute to car ownership anxiety and how Vehicle Mind works to eliminate them. Here is the first.

Stress factor 1: Lack of time, money and knowledge

With 1 in 4 car owners not knowing anything about their car and how it operates, car trouble can trigger anxiety. Car diagnostics are often hard to understand with very little to no explanation of what a particular signal/light means and visiting a visit to the auto mechanic increases stress levels for most because it can be costly and time-consuming. A study reveals:

  • One in seven people are driving around with a potentially serious car issue.
  • 29% of car owners ignore their ‘check engine light’ for over a month before seeking help.
  • Drivers can have up to three things wrong with their car without even knowing.

How Vehicle Mind helps you steer clear of costly surprises

Vehicle Mind quickly diagnoses and translates your car’s issues into comprehensive concepts so you can understand what's going on. It’s like having a virtual mechanic to connect you to your car:

  • Vehicle Mind indicates the severity level, so you know whether an issue warrants your immediate attention or not.
  • At last, you can have a better understanding of your car’s issues before dealing with a mechanic.
  • A diagnostic scan of your car can cost you $100 or more. Here’s how Vehicle Mind user Cedric M. avoided paying the fee: “Vehicle Mind saved me money! It scanned my car’s issues so the mechanic didn’t need to. My appointment ended up costing me less as a result”
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Experience car-ownership in a completely new way with Vehicle Mind

Vehicle Mind was designed to have your back and every turn in the road. We are proud to be making a difference in every driver’s life and will continue building a future where vehicle owners are informed, empowered, and in control, at all times. Owning a car should not be stressful but rather an enjoyable convenience. You can count on Vehicle Mind to keep you in control of your car’s maintenance and safety.

It’s time to take charge.

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