When you’re using your car for work, tracking your mileage is essential to getting reimbursed by your employer or business tax deductions. The problem: it’s especially tedious if you’re driving often and miscalculations can lead to big losses in tax deductions or work-related expenses.

Good news: you can finally throw away that pile of crumpled up receipts

Vehicle Mind makes tracking your business mileage easy by automating your expenses with comprehensive features. Not only does it save you time and effort by tracking the mileage for you, but you’re guaranteed to get reimbursed faster and more efficiently than doing it manually. And it’s super easy, too.

Small distractions with big consequences

Tracking your mileage manually can lead to some pretty inconvenient outcomes, like:

  • Time taken away from work, clients, and loved ones

  • Frequent reporting or expensing without logging miles

  • Inaccurate report or mixing your personal miles and business miles

We’re so busy with our daily lives that it’s easy to dismiss tracking your work-related mileage. However, you could run the risk of losing thousands of dollars yearly, especially if you’re regularly using your car for business purposes.

Common errors you can avoid

When you factor those inconveniences on top of tracking mileage, you’ll most likely need to track and calculate:

  • Key dates
  • The location of your trips
  • Receipts
  • The purpose for each drive
  • The total dollar amount of each trip

Additionally, if you’re keeping a handwritten log or tracking miles electronically, these manual logs can get lost, erased or prone to errors.

Every KM counts: Automating the process

Vehicle Mind’s mileage logging feature doesn’t just log travelled miles, it automatically calculates the total you can claim based on your distance and dollar rate per km.

  • At the start of your trip, make sure to add the dollar rate per km so that your reimbursement value is calculated based on the distance of your trip. Once you end your trip, your total is automatically added up.
  • That’s not all: Vehicle Mind takes your professional needs to the next level with functions that help maintain the health of your car, while also monitoring your location and safety status.

Bye bye spreadsheets: Get reimbursed faster

Automating your mileage means getting reimbursed faster and more accurately. Once you’ve labelled your trip as business or personal and exported your mileage tracking report, this file- containing a list of trips travelled- specifies the dollar amount that you are owed based on the dollar value per km that was previously set.

1. Logging Trips

Keep track of routes taken and log the distance driven, average speed and purpose of your trip. Plus, we’ll be able to detect when your car starts, stops, or when the engine is turned off, making sure to track your movements appropriately. You can include expenses like parking fees and tolls in your trips, too!

2. Exporting Trips

Choose whether your trip is a business or personal log and export your report either by 1. the trip length/distance, OR 2. within a certain date range. Then create your completely customized report in a PDF or CSV file!

3. Automating Your Exports

It goes without saying that automating how you log and export your business mileage is a total game changer. Not only will it free up more time to prioritize what matters most in your life, but incorporating Vehicle Mind into your daily drives can amount to huge reimbursements in the long run.

Get Vehicle Mind: https://hub.vehiclemind.com/en/pricing