As we move from hot summer days into fall season, Canadians often debate whether winter tires are worth investing in. Although winter tires are not mandatory throughout Canada, the peace of mind and safety that comes with installing a set is definitely worth the price tag, here’s why:

1. They’re built to endure harsh winter conditions

While some Canadians may debate that their all season tires can get them through the winter months just fine, it’s actually a proven fact that as soon as temperatures drop below 7°C, the rubber used in the manufacturing of all season tires tend to harden, making them less effective on slippery roads. The rubber compound of winter tires is specially designed to meet certain flexibility criteria in temperatures below freezing, which means they stay soft, with the ability to hug the roads in the event of snow and ice, for a much safer drive.

2. Safe braking distance

Have you ever attempted braking on an icy road? In a study conducted by Bay Today, a car’s stopping distance with winter tires can be between 30-40% shorter vs a car riding on all seasons. That sort of distance can save you from a major collision, proving one more time that all season tires don’t work the same on snow, ice or even cold pavement.

3. Gives you better control of your vehicle

The treads on summer and all-season tires are not designed to compress snow in their grooves, therefore give you zero traction when it comes to snowy and icy roads. Winter tires are equipped with wider treads, which help the tires grip onto ice and snow, while pushing away slush as the tires rotate allowing the vehicle to move in a more controlled manner along wet and slippery roads, giving drivers better control of their vehicle.

Although all-season tires can handle a variety of seasonal driving conditions, once temperatures approach and go past freezing, all-season tires lose their capabilities of gripping the road and braking.

For the safe driving conditions that winter tires ensure, a set of four is definitely worth the price tag. Even though by law, winter tires are mandatory as of December 1st, winter in Quebec can arrive early. Don't get caught unprepared and book an appointment today to take 10% off your next tire change at Offer ends December 1st.